With the rapid development of science and technology, especially in the past two years, panel furniture cnc machine have been more and more applied in many furniture industries. In addition to the reasons of difficult recruitment, high management costs and sharp increase in production costs such as raw materials, the factory can also calculate the price cost of plates and hardware required for furniture in time, calculate the material inventory, and carry out rapid order splitting production. At this time, the order splitting software is particularly important.

(Function of order splitting software:Fast intelligent deepening order splitting/Automatically optimize typesetting/Increase production)

Furniture disassembly software is mainly a set of high intelligent software that matches with panel furniture cnc machine. Accurate calculation is carried out through the intelligent module, and then the barcode is accessed and processed to automatically complete cutting, edge banding, punching, material cost list, etc., so as to realize high-precision production, effectively improve efficiency, reduce dependence on labor, and realize customized orders and large-scale production.
Functions of furniture order splitting software:

  1. Fast intelligent deepening order splitting
    According to the design drawings, deepen the order splitting, and divide the product production into directly applicable parts list, material list, process list, packaging list, hardware list, etc., so that the order splitting is more in-depth and efficient.
  2. Automatically optimize typesetting and save costs
    The traditional manual order splitting has high error rate and high labor cost. The order splitting software is based on the information management platform, transmits G code, can directly drive the equipment, automatically optimize the typesetting, greatly improve the utilization rate of materials, accurately cut materials, reduce the error rate, and effectively save labor and material costs.
  3. Seamless expansion to increase production
    It has strong scalability, provides various equipment data interfaces, helps design and production efficient, flexible and rich, and effectively helps enterprises make rational use of equipment resources.
    The order splitting software of panel furniture cnc machine adopts digital intelligent technology to deepen the order splitting, which is intelligent, fast, error proof, error correction, accurate and scientific design. Make the split order design more efficient and intelligent.