About Sudiao CNC

Shandong Sudiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2007.Formerly Jinan Sudiao CNC Router Co., Ltd.We are an approved and registered enterprise by the Jinan Bureau of Commerce and Industry. We are a professional manufacturer engaged in research and development, design and production of the following machines: automatic labeling and cutting machine, customized cabinet intelligent nesting machine, CNC six-sided drilling machine, CNC panel saw, intelligent cabinet processing line, cabinet door moulding line, multiple six-sided drilling machines connections. We can plan and design the processing flow of your factory according to your demands.  

Our domestic and outland trade businesses are both made great success. Not only China mainland but also the other six continents.

As early as 2016, our company has started to plan a whole-house customized intelligent unmanned production line and implemented it. In 2017 years, we delivered the exhibition project of “Made in China 2025” successfully to the China Science and Technology Museum. The upgrade and transformation have achieved the effect of interaction between manufacturers, production service providers and users on an open and shared network platform. On these basics, and along with the current background of panel furniture manufacturing and upgrading, our company carried out automatic and semi-automatic projects of multiple CNC nesting machine connections, multiple six-sided drilling machine connections, full-process cabinet intelligent connections, and cabinet-moulded door panels in 2018. In recent years, our company is devoted to providing stable and practicable solutions for automatic applications of the woodworking industry.