custom panel furniture production line

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Product Description

Custom Furniture 4.0 Smart Factory

The smart factory is based on digitalisation using internet technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management services, improve the controllability of the production process, reduce manual intervention in the production line, and rationalise planning and scheduling. It also integrates emerging technologies such as preliminary intelligent means and intelligent systems to build a highly efficient, energy-saving, green, environmentally friendly and comfortable humanised factory. The customised furniture Industry 4.0 production line of Speed Eagles is mainly an unmanned factory, creating an Industry 4.0 production line that integrates the processes of opening, sealing, drilling, sorting and packaging, thus realising an unmanned factory production mode.

The production line of Speed Carving Custom Furniture 4.0 consists of

Automatic labeling and loading and unloading disc tool-changing processing centre 2 sets
1 robot
2 units of board caching bin
Left and right edge banding machine line (automatic switching of edge banding) 1 line
2 six-sided drilling lines 1 line
Customised master control system for speed carving
8-hour output: 600 sq. ft. of unfolded area

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