Woodcutting machine is a new type of machine equipment that can quickly complete the processing of furniture panels. It has the advantages of high accuracy, stable performance, and convenient use. Because the operation of woodcutting machines is controlled by a computer system, it is necessary to code them beforehand. What are the precautions during this process?

(Correctly understand drawings / Reasonable use of programming methods / Reasonable use of device functions)

1. Code Programming for woodcutting machine

The programming of woodcutting machine refers to the process of woodworking by inputting the design graphics, dimensions, and processing steps on the woodworking machining design drawing into the control system of the cutting machine through programming code. The programming of woodcutting machines needs to comply with the requirements of equipment programming method, and combine the characteristics of mechanical woodworking processing technology to reflect the processing technology with appropriate programming methods.

2. Programming Language for woodcutting machine

The programming languages for woodcutting machines include the language provided by the machine tool control system, the language for general machine tool CNC systems, and the industrial standardized CNC programming language. The built-in language of the machine tool control system is a programming language designed specifically for machine tool control systems. Its programming language features strong universality and high machining accuracy, but it is simple to program and has limited functions, which cannot achieve complex machining functions.

3. Precautions for programming woodcutting machines

Firstly, it is necessary to correctly understand the woodworking processing drawings and carefully check the dimensions and processing steps on the processing drawings to ensure the correctness of the program. Secondly, it is necessary to use programming methods reasonably based on the functions of the woodcutting machine to ensure the correctness and accuracy of programming. Finally, it is necessary to use the equipment’s functions reasonably based on the functional characteristics and processing technology characteristics of the cutting machine to ensure the quality and efficiency of the processing.

The programming of woodcutting machines is a technical activity that requires technical personnel to possess high basic knowledge of mechanical processing, CNC programming skills, and strong processing analysis abilities. Therefore, when programming the code for woodcutting machines, it is necessary to carefully check the machining drawings, correctly understand the machining requirements, and use programming methods reasonably to ensure the correctness and accuracy of programming, as well as the quality of machining, and to achieve the effective operation of woodworking processing equipment.