An edge banding machine is a machine used to automatically create decorative edges on panels and lumber. The machine cuts the edges of wood and then applies coloured edge strips or other materials using adhesives. In the past, such delicate work also needed to be done manually, which was very difficult, demanding and had a high failure rate. The introduction of edge banding machines put an end to this situation.

It can also be used for decorative purposes, such as creating patterns from cut wood or different types of metal.

An edging machine comes in handy when working in bulk and/or repeating multiple patterns on a piece of furniture. It is mainly used to reinforce the edges of plywood, chipboard or MDF to make them more durable and less prone to damage.Let us SD introduce more about edge banding machine to buyers.

Edge Banding Machine

Whats the working principle of an edge banding machine?

Most edge banding machine work by feeding an edge banding strip into the machine until it fits snugly against the processed chipboard. It is then heated with a roller or heat gun to activate the glue and hold the strip in place. Then, as the binding strip moves through the roller press, clamps press the strip firmly against the edge of the board and hold it in place for a few seconds to ensure that there is enough glue on all parts of the binding material.

 A second roller or heat gun applies more heat to melt any remaining adhesive, allowing you to easily cut off any excess strapping material and the board is ready for use.

Application of edge banding machine

Edge banding machine is suitable for straight line edging and trimming of the following boards: MDF, block board, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door plates, plywood, pvc board, etc.

Most solid wood products do not include edge banding. However, if you are using plywood or MDF in your furniture project, it is highly recommended that you use edge banding to increase the overall durability of the product. Cabinet sides and drawer fronts made of solid wood and high-pressure laminate also require edge sealing.

Our competitiveness in manufacturing edge banding machine

We adopt domestic famous motor and high quality electrical components. The fuselage is firm and steady, thus increasing the stability of the whole machine. Moreover,aluminum alloy beam is relatively advanced , it’s precision and straightness are far superior to cast iron.

The machine can be customized,too.We offer to manufacture your ideal machine,as to cater to your variety of requirements.Please feel free to contact us.A edge banding machine of high quality and flexibility will definitely help you a lot in efficiency and cost.Buyers should choose a credible manufacturer,like us,SD,from China.

Small edge banding machine

 Small edge banding machines are usually cheaper than large edge banding machines. Since small edge banding machines cost less to produce, they are also less expensive. This makes small edge banding machines ideal for many home studios and small businesses. On the other hand, large edge banding machines usually require more capital investment and are therefore only chosen for mass production.

Secondly, small edge banding machines are usually more flexible than large edge banding machines. Smaller edge banding machines are smaller in size and can therefore be easily moved and placed in different work areas. This makes small edge banding machines practical for users who need to change work locations frequently.

 Small edge banding machine has become more and more a trend, we SD,from China are also in this direction in serious production. If you need, please feel free to call us anytime!