MINI & CNC router Type wood Carving Machine – Leading China manufacturer Recommanded

SD as cnc wood carving makers manufacturer, provides mini cnc wood carving machine and cnc router type wood carving maker. Till now, we have done the business for laser cutter and wood carving almost 16 years. In meantime, we own global CE and CNAS certifications; Moreover, delivered the exhibition project “Made in China 2025” successfully to the China Science and Technology Museum; professional technical teams, R&D teams; At the same time, we cooperate with oversea buyers through OEM and customized service as well.

CNC wood carving machines – Differ by mini cnc and cnc router types:


  • Mini CNCs have small build volumes less than 1 cubic foot for tiny, intricate carvings.
  • CNC routers have much larger build volumes from a few cubic feet up to 5′ x 10′ for large pieces.

Spindles & Bits:

  • Mini CNCs use low power spindles less than 1HP and small end mills under 1/16″.
  • CNC routers use high power spindles from 3HP to 10HP+ and large router bits over 1/4″.


  • Mini CNCs capable of fine details down to 0.5mm for miniatures and jewelry.
  • CNC routers focused on higher material removal rates rather than extreme precision.

Intended Work:

  • Mini CNCs for very small figurines, game pieces, decorative objects.
  • CNC routers for furniture, signs, large sculptures, architectural elements.