Large CNC wood carving machine – By reputed wood carving maker China manufacturer

SD (SuDiao) – A well-known cnc wood carving machine manufacturer in China. We do the business with foreign customer since 2007 till now. we have involve in this industry for 16+ years with enough producing and R&D experiences. Meanwhile, we proudly are marketing our popular machine model as large cnc wood carving machine. Why this machine win the oversea market? Because it features below:

  • Designed for carving large-scale sculptures, furniture, architectural decor, etc.
  • Typically have a working area of 8ft x 4ft or larger.
  • Utilize high-powered spindles capable of driving large cutters.
  • Spindle power from 10HP to 30HP or more.
  • Rigid steel frame constructions for stability under heavy cutting loads.
  • Precision ball screws or rack and pinion drive systems for smooth axis motion.
  • Moving gantry spans the length of the work area for X-Y positioning.
  • Z-axis provides vertical tool positioning and depth of cut.
  • May have automated tool changers to switch large cutter bits.
  • Integrated dust collection systems to manage wood chips and dust.
  • Require 240V or higher 3-phase power supply.
  • Controlled through CAD/CAM software generating complex 3D toolpaths.