Automatic 4 axis CNC wood carving machine with CE and CNAS

4 axis CNC wood carving machine has 4 axes of motion – 3 linear axes (X, Y, Z) and 1 rotary axis. SD as laser cutting and wood carving machine manufacturer and supplier, sustainly supplies quality full-automatic cnc wood carving machine with lower price to match market and buyers demand. Meanwhile, our enterprise ‘s production scope, professional technical teams, advanced equipment and owned global CE and CNAS certifications already win the oversea customers trust.

Fully-automatic 4 axis cnc wood carving machine:

  • The 3 linear axes allow full 3D positioning of the cutting tool.
  • The rotary axis (A-axis) allows rotation of the workpiece.
  • Rotation enables contouring along the sides of a carved object.
  • Permits undercuts, complex 3D geometries, and intricate patterns.
  • More versatile than 3-axis machines for complex sculpted designs.
  • Rotary axis typically has a 360 degree range of motion.
  • Workpiece is mounted to the rotating fixture for carving access around all sides.
  • Software converts 3D models into synchronized multi-axis toolpaths.