After the production of furniture, each piece of furniture must be a edge, but now there are two kinds of edge sealing on the market is eva edge and pur edge, what is the difference between eva edge and pur edge?

What is the difference between eva edge and pur edge

There are six differences

1, the glue composition is different

The glue used for Eva is composed of a base resin, which is composed of ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymerized under high pressure. Pur consists of isocyanate terminated polyurethane prepolymers.

2. Use different amounts of glue

The amount of pur glue is less, and the amount of glue used is only about 1/3 of eva.

3. Different bonding

PUR has good adhesion and elasticity, PUR edge is irreversible, because after heating and the water in the air will react, in the curing. After solidification, reheating will not melt. EVA edge sealing is the glue heated to a certain temperature, melt into a liquid, such as cooling will form a solid but no toughness. The EVA edge is the transformation of glue from solid to liquid to solid, which belongs to the physical effect and directly realizes the reversible adhesive and paste.

4. Different effects

PUR edge sealing with less glue, high aesthetics, because of the characteristics of the edge strip is different, with eva edge sealing process edge strip baking easy to pull off, easy to fall off. The edge sealing process of PUR makes the baking carbonization not easy to tear off the edge.

5, environmental protection is different

PUR edge sealing using hot melt adhesive edge, do not add any solvent, will not pollute the environment and release toxic gases, more environmentally friendly than EVA edge sealing.

6. Different costs

The raw material cost of PUR edge sealing is higher than EVA. Because PUR uses glue to maintain a moderate temperature, so as to avoid high temperatures. The shelf life of the glue is three months, and the shelf life of the glue used for eva sealing can be up to two years, and it can be stored normally. At present, there are some businesses pretending to use PUR edge sealing, and in fact, the goods provided are EVA edge sealing process goods. The simple way is to bake with fire, so that it will burn faster, if the edge is torn off, it is the EVA edge sealing process, if it can not be torn off, it is the PUR edge sealing process.