A woodworking machine that uses a drill to make through or blind holes in the workpiece. Woodworking drilling machine has horizontal and vertical, single axis and multi-axis points, mainly used for wood drilling, processing round mortise holes and repair knots. Vertical single-shaft woodworking drill machine and metal cutting vertical drill machine structure is similar, the drill bit is held on the drill clamp at the lower end of the spindle, driven by the motor rotation, the workpiece is placed on the work table, can be manual or automatic feed. The multi-axis woodworking drilling machine is used for processing round mortise holes of panel furniture, which are divided into single row and multiple row. Each row of drill shafts is driven by a separate motor through a gear, and the drill shaft center distance is 32 mm or its multiple. When adjacent bits rotate in opposite directions, use left – and right-handed bits. The slide for each row of drill shafts can be adjusted on the bed body, and each row of drill shafts can also be tilted on the slide.

Let’s take a look at their functions.

The function of vertical drilling machine

Vertical drilling machine is a universal universal machine tool, can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, end face, drilling seat hole (countersink), tapping and other operations, with the help of fixtures can also be boring operations.

Vertical drilling machine is generally suitable for repair, tools and other small batch production workshops, if equipped with drilling fixtures, it is also suitable for batch production workshops.

The function of bench drilling machine

Table drilling machine is mainly used for small and medium-sized parts drilling, reaming, twisting, tapping, scraping and other workshop and machine tool repair workshop, compared with the same type of machine tools at home and abroad, with small horsepower, high stiffness, high precision, good rigidity, easy operation, easy maintenance characteristics. The vibration accuracy of the precision elastic chuck can be adjusted to less than 0.01mm, and the precision drilling of glass and other materials can be processed below 1mm.

The function of radial drilling machine

The drilling bit is used to process holes on the solid material, and a large part of the hole processing of various parts is completed by the radial drilling machine. Because it can easily adjust the position of the tool when it is operated to align the center of the hole to be machined without moving the workpiece for processing, it is often used for the processing of some bulky large pieces and porous workpieces. In addition to drilling, it can also be reaming, reaming, tapping and scraping the end face and other forms of processing.

In all kinds of machine tools with drilling function, radial drilling machine due to easy Flexibility, wide range of application, with typical, especially suitable for single or mass production with porous large parts hole processing.

The function of deep hole drilling machine

Deep hole drilling machine is mainly used for small diameter (generally less than 35mm) deep hole drilling processing, the required cutting fluid pressure is high. It is the most common deep hole drilling processing method. It belongs to the method of internal cooling and external chip removal. The cutting fluid passes through the inside of the hollow drill pipe to the bit head for cooling and lubrication, and the chip is discharged from the V-shaped groove outside the drill bit and drill pipe. Suitable for small and medium-sized batches of stone QYZ deep hole drilling system is also a gun drilling processing system, can be conveniently configured in the lathe, boring machine, machining center and other ordinary machine tools, the tool uses gun drilling, high pressure gas mist to provide cooling and chip removal power.

The function of flat end drilling center hole drilling machine

The flat face center drilling machine is suitable for the end face processing of various shaft parts in batch and mass production. Including the end face milling, drilling the center hole, such as the replacement of the cutter head and the use of special tool bar can also drill the workpiece, countersink, scraping, chamfering, round, milling groove and other processing processes. Hydraulic self-centering clamping workpiece.

The function of CNC milling and drilling machine

CNC milling and drilling machine is a three-axis linkage machine tool, which can realize drilling, milling, boring and reaming respectively, which can realize coordinate boring and accurately and efficiently complete the automatic processing of various complex three-dimensional surfaces such as templates, dies, arc grooves and other parts. Its mechanical part includes machine tool body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts.