Whether it is work or life we are inseparable from a variety of wood products, some wood products production enterprises in order to provide you with high quality products will purchase wood engraving machine to use, and some will purchase wood processing center to use, so, what kind of difference between wood processing center and wood engraving machine?

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What kind of difference are there between woodworking machining center and woodworking engraving machine?

1. Differences in process

Woodworking engraver is mainly used for deep processing of finished products, such as carving patterns or carving and milling on door panels to make them more beautiful. However, in addition to the woodworking processing center can complete the woodworking engraving machine can operate the process, but also can be on the plate for cutting, grooving and punching processing, so the woodworking processing center has a more complete process than woodworking engraving machine.

2. The difference in accessories

Usually, woodworking engraving machine more use of step drive, spindle power limit is usually relatively small. However, the accessories of the woodworking processing center, in order to meet more functional requirements, woodworking processing center is often configured with high-power spindle and drive, in addition, the configuration of the drive is usually imported servo drive, the whole machine tool has been five-sided milling processing.

3. The difference in efficiency

In processing whether woodworking engraving machine or woodworking processing center are to use a variety of tools to cooperate with the processing, woodworking processing center has its own knife library and can be configured with more than 20 tools, in processing can automatically change the tool according to the process requirements, but woodworking engraving machine is often manual tool change, and the installation takes a long time, Therefore, the efficiency of woodworking engraving machine is not as high as woodworking processing center.

Although woodworking engraving machine is also commonly used for wood products processing equipment, but at the moment in the increasingly high requirements, woodworking engraving machine has gradually faded out, easy to use and high processing efficiency of woodworking processing center is gradually replaced, so many wood products production enterprises will go to the after-sales good woodworking processing center manufacturers to purchase a set of processing center to put into production.

What are the requirements for the operator to use the engraving machine

Complete software operation training for operators. Different stone engraving machine used by the software will have a gap, through the theory and practical training after we must be on the operator software training, including typesetting, operation, path generation and other aspects, in order to avoid wrong operation.

Before the use of stone engraving machine, we need to give the operator to complete the theoretical and practical training, the operator must be required to pass the theoretical examination before the practical training. In this way, in the process of stone carving will be as far as possible to reduce the phenomenon of operating errors. At the same time in the actual operation training also need to carry on the carving tool training to the operator.

The operators are trained in various stone knowledge, including the application range, thickness, hardness, carving size and so on. Let the operator familiar with different stone carving methods.