Different functions: woodworking engraving machinery is mainly used for wood three-dimensional and flat engraving, carving, carving and other processes, and woodworking drilling machine machinery is suitable for drilling, trimming, planing and other woodworking processing work.

The object of use is different: woodworking engraving machinery is usually used in small and medium-sized wood factories, high-grade furniture factories, handicraft processing plants, gift processing plants and other places; And woodworking drilling machine is more used in large furniture factories, decoration companies, construction sites and other sites.

Different mechanical structure: woodworking engraving machinery usually adopts CNC machining technology, computer-aided design system and other advanced technologies, with high speed, high precision and so on; The woodworking drilling machine generally uses the drill bit for processing, with higher drilling accuracy and a certain depth of drilling.

Operation complexity is different: woodworking engraving machinery in the operation is more complex, the operator needs to master the relevant technology and skills; The woodworking drilling machine is relatively simple, as long as the equipment is adjusted, the operation process is simple, and there is no need for too many technical requirements.

Woodworking engraver, as the name suggests, is a machine for carving wood. It can also process crystal, copper and aluminum to make them more beautiful and ornamental. Widely used in wood industry, advertising signs, furniture manufacturing, toy and gift manufacturing, decoration industry, PCB production and other industries. After the purchase of woodworking engraving machine, everyone wants to improve work efficiency through some operating skills. First of all, talk about the woodworking engraving machine running start process and matters needing attention.

1. Check the spindle cooling water.

2. Open the idling spindle at low speed for 5 minutes.

3. If the machine tool does not run for a long time, the full stroke run-in should be carried out first, and the run-in time is about half an hour.

4. The new spindle motor needs to be run in.