The woodcutting machine for cutting panel furniture play a crucial role in the production process of panel furniture and customized wardrobes. With high automation, efficiency, accuracy, and quality, they are currently the mainstream equipment in the furniture production industry. The functions of woodcutting machine for cutting panel furniture are relatively rich and complete, which can achieve automatic cutting, grooving, and punching of boards. Moreover, the operation of the cutting machine is flexible and simple, and an ordinary worker can operate a device.

(Time saving/High safety/Labor saving/High processing accuracy)

The woodcutting machine for cutting panel furniture, in conjunction with automatic order splitting and layout software, can produce in bulk according to customer orders, saving more materials and improving processing speed. Workers only need to place the board on the automatic loading and unloading platform, and the machine can achieve automatic picking, positioning, automatic cutting, punching, and slotting, which is very simple.

The operation of the woodcutting machine for cutting panel furniture is simple, and the entire process is controlled by a computer, with almost no errors. Ordinary workers can operate machines after simple production training. This device is fully automatic and can be paused, increased or decreased speed, adjusted depth, and previewed the flatness of the processing path at any time. It can be used for mass production of customized furniture.

Advantages of using woodcutting machine for cutting panel furniture:

1.Time saving: The equipment runs continuously and adopts a pneumatic positioning system, which is convenient, fast, and accurate without the need to adjust the guiding rule.

2. High safety: Workers do not need to approach the workbench during work to ensure safe production.

3. Labor saving: Program automation processing allows one person to operate multiple processing equipment simultaneously.

4. High processing accuracy: Adopting a vacuum adsorption table, it has strong adsorption capacity and will not cause plate running, ensuring processing accuracy.

In summary, the woodcutting machine for cutting panel furniture has achieved multi-purpose and flexible functions. In the processing process, it has obvious advantages, helps improve processing efficiency and accuracy, saves labor, and has perfect safety performance, so it is highly welcomed by furniture manufacturers.