6 sides cnc drilling machine is an intelligent punching equipment for panel furniture. By scanning the two-dimensional code of the sheet metal, it can automatically read the hole position information and complete the processing. In addition to the punching function, it also has functions such as double-sided slot cutting and chamfering, which can achieve higher standards of production.

(Six sided punching/Vacuum adsorption table/Optional machining mode)

1. Six sided drilling: 6 sides cnc drilling machine can complete the machining of all hole positions on the front, back, and four sides of the workpiece in one go. Adopting dual gripper guide rails for feeding, the clamping position can be automatically adjusted according to the plate, reducing the time for changing hands during the drilling process and shortening the overall processing time.

2. Equipped with an air flotation workbench and air flotation pressure plate, air layers can be formed on the upper and lower surfaces of the board during the processing, improving the conveying efficiency of the board, avoiding scratches on the board, and ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of drilling.

3. The processing mode can be selected based on the production output, with two modes: forward and backward. Once the plate processing is completed, the next plate can be processed.

4. High utilization rate of sheet metal. The drilling process of 6 sides cnc drilling machine is relatively mature, and even small-sized plates can be processed, improving the utilization rate of the plates and achieving higher standards of processing.

5. Reduce labor costs, intelligent processing system, no production and processing pressure, fully automated operation, without excessive manual intervention, thereby reducing the demand for workers and reducing enterprise labor costs.

In summary, the function of 6 sides cnc drilling machine is very powerful, which can help furniture manufacturers achieve higher processing standards. If you have a higher pursuit of precision and efficiency, you can choose 6 sides cnc drilling machine to enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.