CNC woodworking machines are important equipment in the production of panel furniture, and more and more furniture manufacturers are choosing cutting machines as a main option when selecting equipment. It can help manufacturers fundamentally solve production problems and improve productivity.

(Performance characteristics of equipment/Fuselage stability/Personal processing needs)

When choosing a cnc woodworking machine, the performance and characteristics of the equipment must not be ignored. We should choose equipment with reliable quality that can meet processing requirements based on our own needs. For the configuration of the cutting machine, its power system must be sensitive and powerful, which requires higher requirements for the servo motor. The quality of accessories such as spindles and reducers should also be more reliable.

In addition, the stability of sheet metal processing is also an important factor to consider, so the adsorption requirements for equipment countertops are also increasing. Nowadays, cnc woodworking machines usually use vacuum adsorption workbenches, which have strong adsorption force and can firmly adsorb boards with relatively small areas.

When choosing a cnc woodworking machine, it is also necessary to understand one’s own processing needs. The processing capabilities of different cutting machines vary and should be selected based on actual processing requirements. For example, the four process cnc router is suitable for cabinet processing; Linear atc cnc router is suitable for processing cabinet doors and cabinets or customized furniture processing, with higher processing capacity. This type of equipment has a very high processing speed, capable of producing 50-70 sheets per day.

Therefore, when choosing a cnc woodworking machine, the first thing to consider is the equipment configuration, followed by stability, and finally, the actual processing needs of oneself. A comprehensive consideration is needed to select the appropriate equipment type and improve production efficiency.