The four process cnc router is a cost-effective cutting equipment that can achieve functions such as automatic grooving, automatic hole expanding, automatic cutting, and automatic pushing of plates. It is widely used in the market. At the same time, in order to meet the processing needs of different manufacturers, a dual station four process cnc router has been introduced. What is the difference between the two compared to a single station?

(Processing efficiency/Machine stability/Machine upgrade)

The difference between single station and double station four process cnc routers:

1. Comparison of processing efficiency:

If the machine is equipped with a side hole machine for use, due to the dual workstation having two workbenches, when the machine completes sheet metal processing on one worktable, it can be directly processed at another workstation. However, a single station cutting machine requires cutting and then loading before processing the next sheet, so the processing efficiency is definitely not as high as that of a dual station, with an efficiency increase of about 30%.

2. Comparison of machine stability:

On the one hand, due to the bed length of the dual station four process cnc router being about 6m, and the bed length of the single station being about 3.4m, the longer the bed length, the greater the subsequent deformation of the cutting machine body, the poorer the accuracy, and the more likely it is to have accessory problems and higher maintenance costs. On the other hand, due to the total length of the guide rails not exceeding 6 meters, the Y-direction guide rails of the dual station cutting machine can be fully spliced, resulting in splicing errors and greatly affecting the machining accuracy of the machine tool. In terms of stability, a single station four process cnc router is much more stable than a dual station machine.

3. Comparison of machine upgrades:

The dual station empty material machine cannot be upgraded. The single station four process cnc router can be upgraded to automatic loading and unloading function, and then upgraded to automatic labeling function, and can also be used in conjunction with panel furniture production lines.

The dual station four process cnc router adds a workbench on top of the single station. When the board is processed at one station, the other station can simultaneously perform loading and unloading work. After processing at one station, it can be directly processed at the other station. In addition, there are also certain differences in processing efficiency, stability, and equipment upgrades. When purchasing, one can decide which equipment to purchase based on their own financial budget and development plan.