Panel furniture has become more and more mainstream furniture products into people’s lives. As a representative of personalized decoration, panel furniture customization is also favored by furniture manufacturing industry.What are the characteristics of the furniture line products? The following is a detailed summary for you:

Panel furniture production line is an advanced equipment for the production of panel furniture, which can produce a variety of customized furniture according to different production and processing needs. A complete set of plate furniture production line is divided into different equipment, generally speaking, the need for CNC cutting machine, polishing machine, edge sealing machine, side hole machine, laminating machine and other equipment to compose.

What modules does the panel furniture production line have

Furniture production line with special cabinets, wardrobes and other design modules, software with combination window function, customers can directly see the design effect, choose good goods.

What should I do when I receive an order

After the order, through the computer network data directly back to the factory, from the order to the design, and automatically generate CNC processing bar code, to the factory automatically generate cutting list, and accurate calculation of inventory surplus material.

According to the generated cutting list, the sheet is finely cut through the CNC cutting machine, and automatically transported through the loading and unloading process.

By scanning the bar code into the numerical control drilling process, hardware installation and punching holes, and then through the edge banding machine for each side of the edge, so that each part of the cabinet is open processing completed, packaging, to the customer’s location, open packaging according to the corresponding bar code, combination can be very simple and fast.

Plate furniture production line processing of the plate is convenient to disassemble and assemble, can match the ideal shape, new products emerge in endlessly, quality improvement, appearance and comfort greatly improved, and continue to provide consumers with reliable, good products, superior quality, consumers can get more products with higher quality and more favorable prices.