Wood carving router machine is a very common machine in the furniture manufacturing process, which is an efficient and high-precision CNC machine that can replace manual engraving and realize the mass production of modern enterprises.

The CNC wood carving router machine also calls CNC engraving equipment. This is a wood product CNC machine tool with multi-spindle synchronous work. In order to improve work efficiency, we can choose to increase the spindle of the CNC engraving machine. After the power and number of the spindle and motor are increased, while the speed is increased, because each motor has its own driving current, it has a strong cutting effect, and it can also ensure the accuracy of each product.

Features of CNC Wood Carving Router Machine

The more conventional CNC engraving machine table is generally 1300mm x 2500mm. CNC engraving machine bed structure is usually large wall tube T structure, tempering and vibration time effect treatment using 5 axis precision metal milling machining center. The overall structure adopts side hanging guide rail, which has high performance and precision. The overall structure of the dustproof design adopts plasma type structure, and the slider replacement needs no professional personnel and is more convenient. Multi-axis can automatically position, save time, only set the origin once, to avoid tool traces.

In the future development of woodworking furniture enterprises, artificial intelligence will slowly replace artificial, become a new working mode, CNC woodworking engraving machine will undoubtedly become a big help.

Sudiao cnc wood carving router machine