Wood carving router machine equipment manufacturing industry CNC machine tool carving machine has two kinds:

  1. Floor Plan Engraving Machine
  2. Stereo engraving machine

In fact, there is also a kind of laser engraving machine inside the wood carving router machine. This kind of carving machine generally does not need to be in the wood production and processing industry, but there are some carpenter industry quality more detailed situation is also necessary under such laser carving machine. We furniture machinery manufacturing industry in the general application of mechanical equipment CNC engraving machine. Although it is mechanical equipment manufacturing CNC machine tool manual engraving why the current market CNC engraving machine difference is very large. Some of a 4-axis CNC engraving machine only 2-3 million yuan price. The same is the price of some four-axis is more than 20 million.

In fact, this sentence is reasonable in every industry, but in our machinery and equipment manufacturing industry can pay attention to practicality. The absence of unwanted functionality is utility.
Whether it is to do custom furniture manufacturing industry, or log furniture manufacturing industries, or Chinese solid wood furniture. Or contemporary Chinese wood furniture can use CNC engraving machine.

The key part of determining the price of the CNC engraving machine is the configuration. CNC engraving machine equipped with the higher the corresponding price is higher. The price of general three-dimensional engraving machine is higher than that of floor plan engraving machines. The equipment of three-dimensional engraving machine is generally high. And naturally it is not that two or three thousand CNC engraving machines cannot be bought.

This type of CNC engraving machine is generally integrated into the advertising manufacturing industry. Some small solid models, small toy manufacturing industry are integrated into this type of CNC machine tools hand-carved. In the harsh practical sense, this kind of engraving machine is not a numerical control engraver. The simplest engraving machine of this kind uses the transmission belt to transmit the energy of the motor. And carries out some simple carving and milling and hollow carving.

Why are the hundreds of thousands of engraving machines so difficult and expensive? The price of hundreds of thousands of manual engraving is expensive for two reasons:

  1. Simple three-dimensional engraving machine comes from imports.
  2. Domestic main spare parts from imports, compared with pure imports of this kind of price more advantages.
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