The CNC engraving machine has three composed parts: computer, controller and host.

Working principle:

It designs to and typesetting by special engraving software configured in the computer. And the computer automatically transmits the information of design and layout to the controller of the engraving machine. Then the controller converts this information into a signal (pulse train) with power that can drive the stepper motor or servo motor, and controls the engraving machine host to generate the X, Y, and Z three-axis engraving path road diameter. At the same time, the high-speed rotating engraving head on the engraving machine, through the tool configured according to the processing material. Various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters designed in the computer can be carved by cutting the processing material fixed on the worktable of the main machine. And It will realize the engraving automation.

Functional Industries:

  1. Breastplate
  2. Building model
  3. Metal (mold, chapter, etc.) processing
  4. Wood, plexiglass, artificial stone and other signs
  5. Display, exhibition model production
  6. Ceramics, mold blank, jade, handicrafts, ornaments, pendants, electronic fixtures, hand plate carving

Wood working machinery manufacturing industry CNC engraving machine is generally has two kinds:

  1. CNC plane engraving machine
  2. Three-dimensional engraving machine.

In fact, there is a laser engraving machine inside the CNC router engraving machine manufacturer, which is generally not used in the wood processing industry, but there are some woodworking industry workmanship is more fine in the case of this laser engraver.

The main part of the impact of CNC engraving machine is configuration, the higher the configuration of the CNC carving machine corresponding to the price is higher, the price of the general three-dimensional carving machine is higher than that of the plane carving machine.

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