With the enhancement of people’s personalized needs, there are also higher requirements for furniture aesthetics, so furniture cnc router plays an increasingly important role in this process. It has the advantages of high efficiency, intelligence and complete functions. However, in the face of such a machine and equipment, many manufacturers will consider whether the opening machine is easy to operate. In fact, it is very easy to do cnc router.

(Fixed software/You do not need to write a path/Simple operation)

Now, the cutting machine software used by custom furniture factories is specially used for cutting, cutting and punching of customized wardrobe and overall cabinet plates. It is only necessary to build a model of the required plates. Generally speaking, the operators of high and middle school level can master it very skillfully in two or three hours.
The software of the cnc router does not need you to write the path. There is a small requirement that the operator must know how to assemble the cabinet, where to use what kind of plate, how to punch the neutral plate, how to set the sprinklers, etc. In addition, for the modeling of some guide shapes, it is necessary to use CAD to make a drawing and send it to the software for blanking.
Learning cnc router, the use of software is one aspect, but also need to know how to maintain and maintain the machine. Just like driving, if the maintenance is good at ordinary times, the service life may be extended for several years. Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the cutting machine table at ordinary times. If the table is uneven, the table should be re leveled in time to ensure the processing effect of the machine. The height of the worktable is different, and the boards of the wardrobe and cabinet cannot be adsorbed firmly, which leads to inaccurate processing dimensions.
To sum up, the operation of the cnc router is relatively simple, and after the equipment is in hand, the manufacturer will send professional people to the factory for teaching, and the machine can be operated only after passing the test. With convenient operation, fast processing speed and strong functions, the cutting machine plays an important role in processing and production.