At present, the production technology of the whole house furniture cnc router has been very mature, with a variety of models, which can meet the processing needs of different furniture manufacturers. Moreover, the overall quality of the equipment is good and the cost performance is high. The main advantages are reflected in the processing functions of the equipment.

(Automatic discharge/Intelligent tool change function/Automatic loading and unloading/Automatic order splitting)

The specific processing functions of the cnc router are as follows:

  1. Automatic discharge
    The software of the cutting machine can realize intelligent discharging and improve the utilization rate of plates. In the past, professional nesting workers needed to complete tasks in one day. Now ordinary workers can calculate them in just a few seconds, and the calculation result is far better than manual nesting.
  2. Multiple functions of punching, cutting and grooving
    The traditional three processes of cutting, punching and slotting can be completed in only one process, so as to reduce the cost of equipment.
  3. Intelligent tool change function
    The opening software supports the opening machine with replaceable tools. During the cutting process, the tool can be automatically changed according to the preset tool number. In order to reduce the number of tool changes, the NC cutting software will automatically summarize and classify the cutting paths of various tools, and gradually complete the processing of all paths.
  4. Drill arrangement package can be added
    The NC cutting software supports additional drill arrangement packages. The software can print barcode and QR code labels when cutting materials, and include the drilling order in barcode and QR code.
  5. Automatic loading and unloading
    The NC cutting software supports the cutting machine with automatic loading and unloading. When exporting, you can combine the material opening instructions and loading and unloading instructions of all orders to generate a G code file.
  6. Automatic order splitting
    The whole house furniture cnc router is also equipped with automatic order splitting software to automatically split orders and realize intelligent production of customized furniture.
    To sum up, the function of the whole house furniture cnc router is becoming more and more perfect, and it plays an important role in the whole furniture industry. It is worth mentioning that consumers must choose according to their needs to avoid wasting equipment resources.