Furniture manufacturers usually look for multiple suppliers before purchasing equipment, and then compare and decide. For the same equipment, the quotations given by different cnc router manufacturers sometimes differ by tens of thousands of yuan, so what are the reasons for this difference?

(Accessories brand/Manufacturer strength/After-sales service)

1、 Different brands of accessories are used
The basic reason for the equipment price gap is accessories. cnc router is composed of many accessories, which have different brands and prices. Therefore, the price of the cutting machine using high-end accessories must be higher than that of the cutting machine using low-end accessories, and the quality will naturally be higher than that of the machine using low-end accessories.
Some customers think that the quality of parts is not important, as long as they can be used normally. In fact, the quality of the machine depends on the quality of the accessories. Low end accessories are prone to produce various problems in the use process, which not only affect the use experience, but also easily delay the construction period and cause unnecessary economic losses.
2、 Strength of the manufacturer
Some customers think that the size of the manufacturer is not important, but it is not. The size of the manufacturer determines the strength of the manufacturer. The stronger the strength, the higher the investment in equipment research and development and quality testing, and the higher the quality of the machine.
A manufacturer without R & D and quality inspection strength, without R & D investment and labor cost, the price is naturally very low. On the contrary, the stronger the manufacturer, the higher the product price and the more guaranteed the quality.
3、 Technical support / after-sales service
After sales service is the top priority. No matter how good the quality of the cutting machine is, it cannot be completely free of problems. If workers do not master the operation of the equipment, it is also easy to cause equipment failure due to mistakes. At this point, the importance of after-sales service has been reflected.
The complete after-sales service requires the manufacturer to be large-scale and equipped with sufficient after-sales service teams. Without after-sales service personnel, it is impossible to provide complete after-sales service, and the labor cost will naturally affect the equipment price. If the configuration is the same, the better the after-sales service, the higher the price. But similarly, the more perfect the after-sales service you enjoy, the higher the subsequent experience of using the machine.
The above three aspects are the main factors that affect the quotation of cnc router manufacturers. When purchasing equipment, we should not only look at the price, but also conduct three-dimensional analysis from many aspects, and select accessories and manufacturers with powerful functions, high quality and good service, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the process of use.