The wide application of panel furniture production line promotes the production and processing of woodworking equipment. Using high-end equipment such as 6 sides cnc drilling machine for large-scale processing has become an inevitable trend in the next few years. Then, what is the production process of 6 sides cnc drilling machine and cnc router?

(Improve efficiency/Reduce labor costs)

(1) When the panel furniture operation planning and order splitting software exports the production program, it is input into the numerical control cutting machine and the numerical control hexahedral drill calculation application program respectively.
(2) After cutting, paste the label, seal the edge with the full-automatic edge banding machine, and scan the label with the wireless scanning gun of the 6 sides cnc drilling machine. The system actively recognizes and retrieves the hole position information and slot position information of the plate, the fixture actively finds the position, steps on the foot switch to locate and clamp the woodworking plate.
(3) Press the foot switch twice, clamp the plate and install it into the processing area, and then complete the punching of six sides (upper, lower, left, right and side) of the plate at one time. If the board needs to be turned over, the system will actively prompt the board to be turned over (the six sided drill does not need to manually turn over the board, directly complete all holes and slots at one time, and send them to the blanking area for sorting). The fixture will return the processed plate to the loading area, locate and load it again for processing. After the processing of both sides of the plate is completed, the machine will actively send the plate to the blanking area for the next step of sorting.
(4) When the machine processes the second sheet, the operator can complete the sorting operation of the sheet in the blanking channel at the same time and enter the packaging link.
(5) The automatic scanning function of 6 sides cnc drilling machine can scan 10 plates at a time, and then process them, reducing the stop time and improving the production efficiency.
The above content is the production process of the combination of 6 sides cnc drilling machine and cnc router. The combination of the two can improve the production efficiency and processing accuracy, and reduce the input of labor costs. I hope the above content can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the cutting machine and hexagonal drill, you can continue to pay attention to our website.