Facing the competitive market, furniture enterprises are trying to improve their core competitiveness. Therefore, how to effectively improve the output and processing accuracy is the main concern of furniture factory bosses. Because CNC mechanical equipment has strong competitiveness in the market,CNC Wood 6 sides drilling machine improves the drilling quality and accuracy of panel furniture, and improves its comprehensive competitiveness to a certain extent, making it a popular equipment in the furniture market.

(Improve efficiency and machining accuracy/Enhance comprehensive competitiveness)

The CNC Wood 6 sides drilling machine does not need too much manual intervention in the process of plate cutting, and the operation is simple and convenient, which improves the production efficiency and saves the labor cost. The bed is welded and tempered with square steel to eliminate welding stress and ensure no deformation after years of use. It is firm and durable, which increases the strength of the bed and ensures that the bottom plate will not deform.
CNC Wood 6 sides drilling machine can realize independent typesetting software, online design and one key disassembly, and the product display is more intuitive. It can scan bar codes, with DXF, MPR, XML and other data formats, intelligently optimize typesetting, and quickly process information. The whole set of equipment adopts imported parts to ensure the stable operation and long service life of the machine. Workers only need a few hours of training to master the operation process, saving a lot of manpower.
It can connect multiple hexahedral drilling equipment or other drilling equipment to form a production line, effectively reduce labor and improve per capita productivity. The connection operation can also ensure the continuous production of the equipment and improve the production capacity. Workers only need to put the workpiece on the conveyor, and the equipment automatically assigns tasks, calls programs, positions, and processes, and automatically cuts the workpiece. The drilling workstation effectively cooperates with the edge banding workstation and the sorting system to realize the intelligent, automated and information-based production of customized furniture.
To sum up, CNC Wood 6 sides drilling machine can help manufacturers reduce production costs and labor costs in improving the competitiveness of furniture manufacturers. The six sided drill can complete the processing of four hole positions on the front, back and side at one time. Compared with the drilling processing of multiple equipment, the accuracy is higher. In addition, the equipment itself is solid and durable, not easy to deform, long service life, and one-time investment for many years. It is enough to see that CNC Wood 6 sides drilling machine can help furniture manufacturers improve their competitiveness.