Wood cnc router is widely used in furniture processing industry. It is not only the main equipment for plate processing and cutting, but also an important component equipment of panel furniture production line. Now the equipment production technology is more and more mature. The configuration functions of the cutting machine are becoming richer and richer, and the equipment models are becoming more and more complete. What are the configurations of woodcutting machine? What is the general price?

(Spindle/ Servo motor/Adsorption table/Vacuum pump /Body)

Woodcutting machine configuration:
The spindle, servo motor, adsorption table, vacuum pump and bed are the main configurations of the cutting machine, which will directly affect the overall performance and processing efficiency of the equipment.
The spindle of the wood cnc router is usually 6kW or 9kw, which one to use depends on the product model and process.
Servo motors include domestic servo motors and imported servo motors. The difference between the two motors lies in idle speed and speed. If the production demand is high, you can choose imported motors, on the contrary, you can choose domestic motors.
The vacuum adsorption table determines the processing accuracy, so the adsorption force of the adsorption table must be strong. Vacuum pump is divided into air circulation and water circulation adsorption. If you use water circulation in winter, you need to pay more attention to cold prevention.
The lathe bed is the key component that determines the quality of the wood cnc router. The fuselage adopts square tube welding, with stable overall structure and strong bearing capacity to ensure the processing quality of plates.
The price of wood cnc router needs to be determined according to the product model and specific configuration. Generally speaking, the price is usually between tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. If you want to add better configurations or more functions, the price will increase accordingly. When selecting, we must choose according to the overall performance and processing effect of the equipment, so as to ensure the reliable quality of the selected products and better realize the rapid processing.
As an important equipment for furniture production and processing, woodcutting machine has rich functions and good processing effect. It plays an important role in furniture production and processing, and has become a right-hand assistant in furniture production.