With the improvement of consumers’ requirements for furniture, the competition among major furniture manufacturers has become increasingly fierce. cnc router has become an important equipment in the processing process. As one of the main equipment of panel furniture production, its lubrication system must be protected when in use.

(lubrication system:Semi automatic lubrication/Full automatic lubrication)

The lubrication system of cnc router is an important part of equipment maintenance. Lubricating and maintaining the machine can avoid unnecessary faults and prolong the service life of the machine. There are two general lubrication systems, one is semi-automatic lubrication, which requires manual intervention, and the other is fully automatic lubrication, which does not require manual operation.
Automatic oil drainage of lubricating oil can be divided into volumetric oil drainage and quantitative oil drainage. When the oil is full, the volumetric oil drainage stops, while the quantitative oil drainage pumps a certain volume each time. Quantitative oil drainage is easy to cause oil leakage due to excessive consumption. The volumetric oil drainage is relatively long, and the quantitative oil drainage is relatively short, which is only half of the volumetric oil drainage ratio.
The displacement type oil drainage is adopted for the cnc router, and the gear pump is adopted for the oil pump, so the oil pumping force is large. The oil pot is placed on the gantry, which is relatively close to the middle position, so as to avoid the problem of excessive or insufficient local oil supply due to the long line. The type of oil required can be marked on the oil pot as needed and added regularly.
The lubrication system of the cnc router is an important part of the maintenance of the cutting machine. Regularly adding or replacing lubricating oil to the equipment according to certain rules can prolong the service life of the machine to a certain extent, ensure the machining accuracy, do a good job in the lubrication effect, and avoid problems affecting the normal use of the equipment.