The positioning of cnc router plays an important role in the whole furniture processing process. It will affect the beauty of plate cutting. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the processed plates before positioning the cutting machine. For the workpiece with low machining accuracy, the position of the tool can be adjusted with the naked eye, and then the original position of the workpiece can be determined. However, this positioning method is easy to produce great errors, so the following will introduce you the rapid positioning method of cnc router.

(Quick positioning/Improve processing quality)

Positioning shall begin with the fixation of the material. Fixing here does not mean that the material should be fixed with plywood, but that the plate should be placed correctly. When using the slitter, it is necessary to operate correctly, align the plate, clamp the straight knife on the spindle, then place the knife on the workbench, run along a side of the material, align the material with the direct gap between one side of the material and the blade, and fix the material after alignment.
Then proceed to the next step to determine the original position of the material workpiece. The determination method of X direction and Y direction is the same, so only x direction is mentioned here.
First, slowly approach the tool to the left side of the material through fine adjustment, rotate the tool gently by hand until the tool just touches the material, then clear the left side of the X workpiece at this time, then lift the tool and move to the right side, which is the same as the right side of the material just touched, and write down the coordinates of the X workpiece at this time.
Then, the general position of this value is the center of the material in the X direction. The Y direction is the same.
In this way, the center of the wood cutting machine in the X and Y directions can be determined, which is equivalent to the origin of the workpiece.
Through the above method, it can be accurately positioned when using the cnc router, so as to improve the processing quality. I hope the above content can help you. If you have more questions, you can continue to follow our website.