With the development of furniture market, the production of panel furniture has become very common, so the application of furniture cutting equipment has also become a market trend. The whole production process of furniture is completed by wood cnc router, so the maintenance of its parts has become extremely important, one of which is the maintenance of water-cooled vacuum pump. The following is a detailed introduction to its specific maintenance methods.

(Water cooled vacuum pump/Maintenance)

At present, the water-cooled vacuum pump configured in the market is generally 7.5kW. Of course, the power of different manufacturers is also different. Due to different power and different vacuum adsorption strength, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the vacuum pump before maintenance.

  1. Every time you start the vacuum pump, make sure that there is working fluid in the vacuum pump, and the level of working fluid must be higher than the motor shaft.
  2. The water-cooled vacuum pump shall be equipped with a vacuum cover to prevent impurities from entering the pump.
  3. A check valve is provided to prevent water from flowing back to the equipment when the motor stops.
  4. Inject water into the water tank until the upper water inlet flows, and inject water regularly every day to ensure that the water tank is sufficient.
  5. Before starting the machine, make sure that the valve is fully open and that water is injected into the pump before starting the vacuum pump.
  6. The exhaust hole shall not be blocked, and air shall be sucked through the exhaust port to generate vacuum pressure. It is not allowed to connect pipes with a length of more than 2m and a diameter of less than 5cm, otherwise the motor is easy to be damaged due to overload.
  7. The suction and adsorption ports of the wood cnc router shall be strictly sealed to prevent air leakage.
  8. Start the motor fan for the first time to prevent jamming (this step can be omitted, because the manufacturer will check this point, which is generally not a problem).
  9. Install motor overload protector to prevent motor overload from burning out.
  10. Open the water filling valve in the pump and wait for a few minutes to ensure that water flows into the pump.
  11. Start the motor, start the vacuum pump, and test the adsorption strength.
  12. After the equipment runs for about 10 days, drain the water in the vacuum pump and replace it with clean water to prevent impurities from flowing into the pump, reduce the adsorption force and prevent the water tank from rusting.
  13. Please be sure to clean the water tank and inlet pipe and replace the water within 150 days after using the vacuum pump; If it is not used for a short time, please close the water inlet valve of the water tank and drain the water in the water inlet pipe. If it is not used for a long time, it is necessary to vent the water in the water pipe and pump head to prevent rust and affect the operation.
    The above is about the specific maintenance methods of the water-cooled vacuum pump of the wood cnc router. In addition, in winter, especially in the northeast, in order to ensure the normal operation of the wood cnc router, the equipment must be maintained regularly. In case of bad weather, it is necessary to suspend the use to ensure the service life of the cutting machine.