As an indirect speed change device of auxiliary motor, servo motor can effectively improve the processing efficiency of cnc router with its own advantages, which is deeply loved by customers. As the cutting equipment of panel furniture, cnc router has high requirements for precision and speed. Only when a certain precision is achieved, the furniture panel will be more exquisite. In addition, speed determines the processing efficiency, which can make the machine faster and create more value.
There are many accessories for the cutting machine, one of which is the servo motor, which plays an important role in speed and accuracy. A good servo motor has the advantages of high power, high precision and high speed. Ordinary slitter is equipped with four servo motors: one for x-axis, two for Y-axis and one for z-axis. Each equipment manufacturer will adjust the running speed of the equipment according to its own machine design.

(Advantages of servo motor:Easy to use and debug/Simple operation and rich functions/High positioning accuracy and strong anti-interference ability)

Use advantages of servo motor of cnc router:

  1. Easy to use and debug
    The system supports common modes such as multi process, machining center, loading and unloading, single and double station, etc. Equipment manufacturers can easily respond to changes in market demand by setting parameters to switch functions of different models.
  2. Simple operation and rich functions
    The main interface of the system includes common functions of users, modular display, simple and intuitive operation, easy to learn and use. The system sub interface provides permission management, track preview, parameter setting, alarm display and other functions for users to use.
  3. High positioning accuracy, fast response, good rigidity and strong anti-interference ability
    cnc router manufacturers provide mature and reliable system solutions. The system is easy to use, supports the control architecture of all cutting machines, and can flexibly meet the high, medium and low configuration requirements of market functions.
    The above content gives you a detailed summary of the three advantages of the servo motor of the cnc router. And when choosing the motor system, you must not be greedy for cheap, because this accessory will affect the running speed and accuracy of the cutting machine, and then affect the processing effect, so you must buy high-quality servo motors.