CNC router is an integral part of panel furniture cnc machine, and its cutting tools will inevitably be damaged after long-term use. If ignored, it may affect the beauty of plate processing, so the tool needs to be replaced regularly. The following panel furniture cnc machine manufacturer share with you the correct replacement method of knives.

(Automated production/Low labor cost)
  1. When cutting, clean the plate and gland with detergent.
  2. Put the plate into the gland, otherwise the tool will not be installed correctly. If the plate is not stuck in the gland, it will be stuck in the motor shaft and cannot be removed during tool unloading.
  3. Before clamping, pay attention to whether the plate matches the selected tool, otherwise the tool cannot be tightened.
  4. When setting the knife, the part of the knife extending out of the plate should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to produce vibration in the processing process, which will affect the processing quality of the workpiece surface.
  5. When replacing the cutting tools in the panel furniture cnc machine, the spindle speed should be guaranteed to be zero, that is, the cutting tools can be removed only when the spindle stops, otherwise serious safety accidents may occur.
  6. If the presser foot is used, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the presser foot and the spindle, and then clamp the knife.
  7. When tightening the pressure cap, make sure that the pressure cap is aligned with the rotor thread.
  8. When unloading the knife, clean the waste materials on the gland and rotor shaft before unloading the knife.
    The above is the correct method to replace the cutting tools of the cutting machine. The panel furniture cnc machine manufacturer suggests that attention should be paid to the maintenance of the cutting machine at ordinary times to prolong the service life of the machine, and the cutting tools should be checked and replaced regularly to avoid greater losses caused by tool damage.