Now, panel furniture cnc machine is very popular in the furniture industry. The overall performance of the equipment is superior and the operation is simple. It plays an important role in furniture processing. It has reached a new height with its efficient and intelligent advantages. At present, the panel furniture cnc machine on the market can achieve the effect of rapid cutting processing by combining various furniture splitting software and cutting optimization software. In addition, the equipment is easy to operate, the labor cost is getting lower and lower, and the utilization rate of plates can reach 95%. It is a popular important equipment in current processing and production.

(High utilization rate of plates/Automated production)

The panel furniture cnc machine adopts the independently developed panel cutting optimization software, which solves a series of problems in furniture production, such as difficult, slow, easy to make mistakes and so on. The software includes hundreds of architectural drawings of cabinets and wardrobes, from which customers can choose the required furniture design drawings, adjust the processing size, customize the required furniture according to the actual situation of customers, and customers can also establish their own factory structural drawings according to their own design, so as to facilitate the later customized design and production, and directly know the required structural drawings. As long as the corresponding scale correction is carried out, the planning drawings can be completed quickly.
The software automatically generates the cutting list, bill of materials, packing list, delivery list, quotation and barcode, and imports the relevant data into the optimized cutting software, so that the automatic processing planning and the generated cutting optimization drawing can not only be applied to the panel furniture production equipment, but also be connected to the electronic saw and other processing equipment.
The processing accuracy and quality of panel furniture cnc machine equipment are unmatched by labor. The dust removal function of furniture production line equipment is much higher than that of sliding table saw, electronic cutting saw and other equipment, which can complete dust-free production and processing. With the progress of science and technology, it is the general trend that machines replace labor. It is precisely because panel furniture cnc machines have these advantages that they are so popular in the market.