The two position four process cnc router adds a worktable on the basis of a single station. When the plate is processed in one station, the other station can carry out loading and unloading at the same time. After the processing of one station, it can be processed directly in the other station, and the efficiency is improved by about 30%.

(Baoyuan control system/Double frequency conversion pre start/Motong servo motor)

The functional characteristics of the quick carving two position four process cnc router:

  1. Baoyuan control system: fast data processing speed, stable operation, simple and intuitive interface, easy to learn
  2. Double frequency conversion pre start: realize fast second cutting between the spindle and the spindle, fast tool change speed and high processing efficiency.
  3. Air cooled 6kW spindle: automatic tool change is realized through cylinder switching, and machining is realized through reaming for large aperture, meeting the requirements of production process.
  4. Motong servo motor is a well-known and old servo motor in China, with large torque, fast speed and high stability.
  5. The automatic tool setting function allows users to operate the equipment more conveniently and quickly, while ensuring the accuracy of the equipment.
  6. Automatic grooving, automatic reaming, automatic cutting and automatic pushing.
  7. The lathe bed is subject to vibration aging and tempering treatment, and the installation surface is milled by the large-scale CNC machining center to ensure the stability and accuracy of the equipment.
    Advantages of two position four process cnc router:
  8. Higher efficiency: multiple spindle motors work together to complete the processing of products in large quantities. Advanced automatic tool change procedure, without manual intervention. The vacuum adsorption table is selected and equipped with a vacuum pump with strong adsorption capacity, which can adsorb plates of different areas and greatly improve work efficiency.
  9. Fast transmission speed: the rack rotates fast with high efficiency, and the idle speed is as high as 80m/ min.
  10. Stable operation: Taiwan Dinghan 30 running guide rail is selected, which has stable operation, high precision and long service life.
  11. Intelligent control: using Baoyuan control system, it has the characteristics of high stability and efficiency, and is simple and easy to learn.
  12. High accuracy.
  13. Sturdy and durable: the whole steel structure of the bed is welded, with strong rigidity, great strength, stable rotation, and no deformation during long-term high-speed operation.
    To sum up, the two position four process cnc router adds a workbench on the basis of a single station, which makes the production efficiency higher, the processing speed faster, and also has higher accuracy and service life.