In order to ensure the personal safety of the operators of the cnc router and promote the sustainable development of the cutting industry, the manufacturer of the cutting machine has formulated a series of operating rules and regulations to ensure the safe production and operation effect of the equipment, and ensure the stable and reliable processing effect.

(Familiar with the machine/Idle/Caution)

First of all, operators need to be very familiar with the cnc router, whether it is the structure, scope of application, technical specifications, or the safety rules that should be observed in the process of use, so as to avoid accidents in the process of use. In addition, before formal operation, operators are usually required to conduct evaluation tests, and only those who pass the tests can start to operate the slitter.
Secondly, before the official start of work, a detailed inspection should be carried out on the cnc router to check whether the connecting bolts of each part of the machine are loose, whether the transmission device operates smoothly, whether each button is normal, whether the lubrication system is normal, and whether the pneumatic system and various safety systems of the cutting machine are intact. When all these are checked and there is no problem, the machine can be started normally. In addition, try to idle the cnc router, because only idling can ensure that all parts of the cutting machine are normal and safe.
Finally, during the operation of the cnc router, the operator needs to pay attention to his safety and strictly abide by the safety requirements in the loading and unloading process to avoid accidents. Once the operation is against rules, it is prone to accidents, which will cause very serious damage to the cutting machine and equipment operators, which needs to be paid great attention by all departments.
For panel furniture production, the main functions of cnc router are: automatic typesetting, automatic cutting of plates, special-shaped cutting, and vertical punching.
The above is about the specific methods of operation and maintenance of cnc router. Before use, the equipment must be checked in multiple directions to avoid safety accidents. After use, the machine should be cleaned without delaying the next normal use. I hope the above content can help you.