Nowadays, with the continuous development of various technologies, the whole production process of furniture has also changed from manual operation to the automation of machinery and equipment, among which the cnc router is the most commonly used equipment. Often furniture manufacturers will be more concerned about its service life when choosing machines. After all, this is related to the later production cost.

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Because there are many kinds of cutting equipment in the market, and their configurations are different, if you buy a large brand of equipment, the service life is usually about 5-8 years. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following points when selecting the cnc router:

  1. The spindle power of cnc router directly affects the use effect. If it is mainly used for cutting and cutting operations, it is recommended to choose a high-power spindle, generally 6kW air-cooled spindle.
  2. The motor of the cnc router is usually a stepping motor, and the better is the domestic servo motor. If you want to configure higher, you can choose imported servo motor.
  3. The vacuum pump required by the vacuum adsorption table of the cutting machine is divided into air cooling and water cooling. The noise of air-cooled adsorption pump is higher than that of water-cooled adsorption pump, but manufacturers using water-cooled adsorption pump in the North should pay attention to antifreeze in autumn and winter. Therefore, the appropriate adsorption pump can be selected according to the climate of the region.
  4. The control system of the cutting machine can be said to be the core of the whole equipment, including some software. Therefore, you must choose the genuine system and software when purchasing. Although the price is relatively expensive, in order to avoid the failure of upgrade and the unavailability of many functions, it is recommended to choose a regular device in the early stage.
    The service life of cnc router is determined by the quality of the machine itself and the later maintenance. Spindle, motor, vacuum adsorption pump and control system are important components of the cutting machine, which affect the service life of the equipment to a certain extent. In the later use process, if it can be maintained regularly and repaired in time, its use time can also be extended.