Panel furniture cnc machine is an important equipment in furniture production at present, but in the face of a variety of machine models in the market, consumers often do not know how to choose.

(Fast processing speed/Improve plate utilization/ Simpler operation)

In fact, before choosing the type of equipment, manufacturers should first clarify their processing needs, and determine and select the type of panel furniture cnc machine according to their processing needs and product data; Select the function of the machine according to the production scale of the factory; Then go to the manufacturer for on-site investigation, go to the workshop to investigate the machine, and consult the machine you need in detail.
1) Four process cnc router: it is the basic type of cutting machine in panel furniture industry. It has four spindles, which can drill holes, pull grooves and cut materials. The four spindles switch to complete each process in turn, but the processing speed is slightly slow.
2) Double spindle plus row drilling machining center: the vertical hole is also completed at one go while cutting. Through the combination with the special design and order splitting software, intelligent production is realized. Due to the high efficiency of the processing cabinet, it is widely used in the market. The processing speed is faster than the four process cutting machine.
3) Linear atc cnc router and disc atc cnc router: 12 or 16 tool heads, economical door panel processing equipment, and simple cabinet processing. Because the disc machining center is a servo tool library, its cost is slightly higher than that of the direct machining center.
4) CNC drilling and cutting processing center: CNC drilling and cutting processing center is a relatively high-end equipment, which can be independently equipped with an automatic labeling machine. While cutting and punching, the barcode of the prepared plate is automatically pasted on the plate, with a higher degree of automation and faster speed. For large-scale manufacturers, it can be considered to achieve the goal in one step, but the price is high.
Four process cnc router, double spindle plus row drilling machining center, linear atc cnc router and disc atc cnc router, cnc row drilling cutting machining center, etc. are all the basic types of panel furniture cnc machine. When selecting, manufacturers must clarify the factory processing demand and budget, and it is important to choose a suitable equipment.