Panel furniture cnc machine is an important equipment in furniture production and processing, which plays an important role in processing. So what conditions do you need to have if you want to keep it running normally?

(Fast processing speed/Improve plate utilization/Save labor cost)

Conditions for normal operation of panel furniture cnc machine:
(1) There is a certain gap between the tool electrode and the machined surface of the workpiece. The size of the gap is determined by the processing voltage, pulse current, pulse gap and other electrical standards. The size of the gap is usually between tens of microns. If the gap is less than or greater than this distance, spark discharge cannot be carried out. The gap is too small, and the positive and negative electrodes are easy to be short circuited, so spark discharge cannot be generated; If the gap is too large, the voltage between poles is not easy to penetrate the medium, and spark discharge will not occur.
(2) When cutting the workpiece on the panel furniture cnc machine, it is carried out in the insulating working fluid. Common insulating working fluids include kerosene, saponification solution, deionized water, etc. Different working fluids are used, and the processing speed and surface accuracy are also different under the same electrical standards. The use of insulating working fluid mainly has the following functions:
It is conducive to generating pulse spark discharge; Eliminate galvanic corrosion products in the gap; Used as cooling electrode.
(3) Using pulse power supply, spark discharge is pulse and intermittent.
(4) The processed material has conductivity. Only conductive materials, such as metal materials, semiconductor non-metallic materials, can produce spark discharge.

Expansion: three key points of daily maintenance of panel furniture cnc machine:

  1. Do a good job of dust removal on the workbench and all parts of the panel furniture cnc machine. Once dust enters the equipment, it will bring great trouble to the equipment and affect its normal use. Therefore, in daily use, it is necessary to clean the surface of the machine and the casing.
  2. Do a good job in rust prevention of the production line. Once the equipment rusts, some parts will age, which will reduce the production efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, anti rust oil should be applied regularly to avoid rust.
  3. Do a good job in lubricating the transmission device of panel furniture cnc machine. During the operation of the equipment, if the transmission device of the equipment operates unevenly, it will lead to uneven feeding of the equipment, affect the cutting quality, and have a certain impact on industrial production. Therefore, in daily maintenance, the transmission device of lubricating equipment is very important.
    The above content summarizes the normal operation conditions of panel furniture cnc machine in detail, and I hope it can be of some help to you. At the same time, regular maintenance must be done in use to prolong the service life of the equipment and ensure the processing efficiency.