CNC router is an intelligent cutting equipment, which has the characteristics of saving time and labor, so it is also very popular in the market. However, some customers in the market also report that it is difficult to repair the equipment after it has problems in configuration, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also affects the production progress. Configuration is the main factor affecting equipment performance, so more attention should be paid to selection.

(Control system/Spindle motor/Adsorption table/Bed structure)

Accessories that need more attention for cnc router:

  1. Control system: the operation of the cnc router is inseparable from the operation of the system, which is the core of the cutting machine. When selecting the cutting machine, be sure to check whether the control system is normal. If possible, try to buy imported systems. A good system will make the machine run more stable and have better performance.
  2. Spindle motor: first look at the power of the spindle. If the processing intensity is high, it is more suitable to use high-power spindle, and the operation process will be more stable and the error will be smaller. The motor is divided into stepping motor and servo motor, which has better and more stable performance. Although the imported motor is more expensive, its performance is better.
  3. Adsorption table: the vacuum adsorption effect of the table seriously affects the processing quality of the cutting machine. If the adsorption effect of the table is not good, it is easy to lead to the phenomenon of plate running, which will not only affect the processing accuracy, but also cause the waste of plates.
  4. Bed structure: the bed structure will affect the stability of cutting, thus affecting the processing accuracy. Square steel welding is generally used for the body of the cutting machine with good processing technology. After tempering, the welding stress is eliminated, and the fuselage structure is more stable and durable.
    Therefore, when choosing the manufacturer of cnc router, we should not only pay attention to the strength and after-sales service of the manufacturer, but also have a deeper understanding of the equipment. After all, choosing a good device is very important, and device configuration is also more important. I hope you can choose the machines and equipment suitable for your factory.