With the development of automation and intelligence of panel furniture, its production equipment is also constantly updated. Among them, 6 sides cnc drilling machine is one of the essential machines, which adds new impetus to the production of panel furniture. So what are the advantages of six sided diamond and what are worthy of the favor of major panel furniture manufacturers.

(High processing efficiency/ High machining accuracy/Wider scope of application/Avoid scratching the plate/More mature technology)
  1. High processing efficiency
    Through wireless code scanning, automatic positioning, double fixture automatic clamping and automatic feeding processing, the hole location processing of front and back sides and four sides can be realized at one time. After processing, the clamp automatically loads the plates into the sorting rotary platform, with high processing efficiency.
  2. High machining accuracy
    With the application of hexahedral drill, there is no need to drill holes in the cutting process. The hole positions of the cabinet are drilled on the six side drill after the edge is sealed. The hole position accuracy of one equipment is much higher than that of two equipment.
  3. Wider scope of application
    The 6 sides cnc drilling machine can not only be connected to the cutting machine, but also to the sliding table saw. It can be more flexibly connected to the production equipment of the factory, and will not cause waste of updating the equipment.
  4. Avoid scratching the plate
    Equipped with air floating workbench and air floating pressing plate, the upper and lower surfaces of the plate form an air layer during processing, so as to improve the conveying efficiency of the plate and avoid scratching the plate at the same time.
  5. More mature technology
    With the continuous updating and application of hexahedral drill, this technology is becoming more and more mature, gradually replacing the traditional drilling method and becoming the mainstream of the market.
    The appearance of 6 sides cnc drilling machine can not only improve the processing efficiency of panel furniture, but also improve the punching accuracy of the panel to avoid scratching the panel. Therefore, more and more panel furniture manufacturers choose to use 6 sides cnc drilling machine.