Nowadays, the rapid development of science and technology has promoted the progress and expansion of woodcutting machine equipment. It uses computer software to control the machine to realize automatic cutting, punching, slotting, blanking and other technologies, which has changed the traditional processing mode of the factory. However, not all equipment has high processing efficiency, and it will also be affected by many factors.

(Model and specification/Processing sequence/Cutting depth)

Three factors affecting the processing efficiency of woodcutting machine:

  1. Selection of model and specification of woodcutting machine
    woodcutting machines have various models and specifications, and the production and processing efficiency of these models and specifications are different. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right cutting machine. First of all, pay attention to the idling speed and processing speed of the cutting machine, which will affect its actual processing speed. Secondly, look at the configuration of the cutting machine. Good configuration can realize high-speed and long-term operation. Pay attention to configuration comparison when purchasing. If you buy low-grade equipment, it may seriously affect the processing efficiency.
  2. Processing sequence of woodcutting machine
    In order to improve the processing efficiency, we should pay attention to reasonable design, avoid waste, reasonably optimize the processing sequence, and avoid excessive waste caused by repeated feeding in the processing process.
  3. Adjust the cutting depth according to the raw materials
    According to the specific situation, preliminary processing should be carried out first, and then deep processing. In the preliminary treatment process, all capacities should be removed to save deep processing time. The characteristics of woodcutting machine are not only reflected in the system configuration, but also need long-term accumulated production and processing experience to improve production and processing efficiency.
    The above content introduces three factors that affect the processing efficiency of woodcutting machine. Equipment quality, processing sequence and processing depth are important factors affecting the processing efficiency of the cutting machine. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, the specification and model of the equipment should be appropriate and the quality should be reliable.