At present, there are many types of CNC cutting machines in the market, and their application fields are more and more extensive, especially cnc woodworking machine, which have a broad consumer market. The following is a brief introduction to the principles that woodworking cutting machine needs to follow when selecting equipment.

(Improve the utilization rate of plates/environment protection)
  1. The selection of cnc woodworking machine equipment should follow the principles of production applicability, technical reliability, progressiveness and economic rationality. Generally speaking, it means that on the premise of meeting the process needs of processing products to a large extent, it reflects a certain degree of technological progressiveness, so that the purchased cutting machine has a certain technical reserve to meet the needs of future development, avoiding the selection of CNC equipment with trial production, transition, elimination, high energy consumption and high pollution, and paying attention to the sustainable development of technological transformation, which should have a high cost performance ratio at the same time.
  2. The selection of woodworking cutting machine equipment should be based on the structural characteristics of the product, improve the required equipment accessories, supporting software, etc., and fully consider the requirements of power supporting facilities, as well as the installation location environment and conditions.
  3. When the cnc woodworking machine equipment involves environmental protection, confidentiality and special process requirements, it is necessary to invite professional departments to participate in the whole process of technical exchange, prepare bidding documents and sign technical agreements.
    When you choose the cnc woodworking machine, you can choose according to the above three points. It is worth noting that when selecting equipment, we must ensure that the equipment technology is progressiveness and has a certain technical reserve, so that it will not be eliminated in a short time and will not cause a waste of resources.