CNC router has become one of the essential equipment of panel furniture factory. Many customers find that there are many problems with the machine after purchasing the equipment, such as the machining accuracy does not meet the standard, the continuous failure of the equipment, etc., so what conditions should a good cnc router have?

(Body: square steel welding/Accessories: high quality/Quality inspection: qualified)

First: body structure of cnc router tool
The fuselage is welded with square tubes and tempered to eliminate welding stress and ensure no deformation after long-term use. The surface of the fuselage is treated by sand blasting, shot blasting and vibration aging to increase the adhesion of the paint surface, prevent paint falling, oxidation and rust, and protect the fuselage. The machine body uses large gantry CNC five side milling to process the guide rail and rack safety surface, and mechanical drilling and tapping to ensure the accuracy of the equipment. The mechanical structure adopts gantry type, which has stable performance and ensures the smooth operation of the equipment. The more complex the manufacturing process of the bed structure, the higher the intangible cost, the longer the service life of the equipment, and the higher the machining accuracy.
Second: cnc router parts selection
When furniture factories use equipment, the common problem is that small parts often have problems, which leads to the equipment can not be used normally. Therefore, when choosing accessories, good Slitter manufacturers give priority to the quality and after-sales service of accessories. The cost of accessories is high, and the price of natural cutting machine is high. Many small cutting machine manufacturers choose low-cost parts and do not pay attention to quality. Therefore, when choosing cnc router, we also need to pay more attention to the quality and brand of accessories. Generally, the quality of parts of major brands will be guaranteed.
Third: quality inspection of cnc router equipment
The equipment needs quality inspection during and after assembly. A good equipment must be qualified before leaving the factory. The manufacturer of quick carving cutting machine adopts layer by layer quality inspection in the assembly process to ensure that each assembly process of the equipment meets high standards.
To sum up, a good cnc router should have the conditions of stable bed structure, qualified parts quality and quality inspection, otherwise various problems will occur after delivery to the customer, and even affect the manufacturer’s reputation in the market, and the gain is not worth the loss.