As an intelligent cutting equipment, woodcutting machine is deeply loved by the furniture industry. It is usually used for milling and carving cabinet doors and wooden doors, and can also be used for punching, slotting, cutting and other operations in the production of panel furniture.

(Improve the utilization rate of plates/environment protection/Simple operation)

Specific operation steps of woodcutting machine:
First, turn on the power, and then release the emergency stop button of the tripper to ensure that the tripper is ready to start.
Second, open the computer connected to the woodcutting machine, enter the established operating system, find the software of the control equipment, and double-click to open the cutting machine software on the computer.
Third, check whether the tripper system is normal. If there is any error prompt about the equipment in the system, it cannot be used until the cause of the error is found and repaired.
Fourth, measure whether the size of the workpiece exceeds the processing range of the woodcutting machine, and adjust it. Once the workpiece size is too large, it will greatly affect the normal operation of the equipment, and more seriously, it may cause damage to the machine.
Fifth, start the pressure device of the cutting machine. Normal processing can be carried out only after the test is qualified.

Advantages of woodcutting machine:

  1. Improve the utilization rate of plates. The woodcutting machine uses a milling cutter to cut materials, which can rotate in any direction and process them according to the pattern set by the computer, so as to reduce the waste of plates to a great extent.
  2. Save effort. Because the cutting machine is completely automatically controlled by the computer. After setting the size and shape of the plate to be processed, it can be processed automatically, and one person can operate multiple sets.
  3. Reduce labor intensity, save workers’ wage expenditure, so as to reduce costs.
  4. woodcutting machine has fast processing speed. As long as the computer program is set, it can run continuously. Other manual equipment requires workers to adjust the direction and angle of plates and other details, and the production speed is slow.
  5. The dust pollution is small. Equipped with professional dust suction device, it can absorb the generated dust in time, reduce the pollution to the workshop environment and improve the working environment of workers.
  6. woodcutting machine is a fool operation, all computer calculation, zero error, zero failure rate, simple operation. Workers can get started directly after 3-5 hours of manufacturer training, which is convenient and fast.
    The above content introduces the specific use steps and advantages of woodcutting machine. In fact, when the user receives the machine, the technicians will arrive at the user’s workshop for training, so the workers must carefully accept the guidance of the manufacturer’s technicians to avoid mistakes caused by improper operation, which will delay production.