The functions of the four process cnc router generally include: cutting, slotting, punching and carving (simple modeling). It can not only open the cabinet body, but also carve the cabinet door, killing two birds with one stone, with high cost performance.

(Automatic tool change/Simple operation/High cost performance)

Four knife heads are used for simple cabinet door carving. If it is a slightly complex process (more than four tools), it is necessary to reset the tools, and the processing efficiency is medium. Of course, the equipment configuration and process of each manufacturer are different, and the efficiency is also different. Cabinet processing includes cutting, slotting and punching. Cutting requires a knife (usually 8mm) and slotting requires a knife (determined according to the thickness of the back plate). Tools with relatively small diameters are generally 8mm, 10mm and 15mm (for other apertures, tools can be equipped as required). If large diameter tools are not enough, small diameter tools can be used to expand the hole.
Advantages of panel furniture processed by four process cnc router:

  1. Automatic tool change: structurally speaking, the four axes can realize “tool change in 0 seconds”, and the tool change function can be realized through pneumatic switch. It can be used for cabinet cutting and simple cabinet door processing.
  2. Simple operation: compared with other cutting machines, the operation of the four process cnc router is relatively simple and easy to learn. In addition, once the spindle fails, the equipment can also complete the functions of material cutting.
  3. The price is relatively low, suitable for small and medium-sized furniture factories. Even the high configuration four process cnc router with a price of about 100000 yuan is very cost-effective compared with the model with drilling bag. It is a good choice for furniture factories with certain financial pressure at present.
    In general, as an entry-level cutting equipment, the four process cnc router still has great advantages in processing panel furniture. At present, the brands of four process cnc routers on the market are diverse, and the prices are also uneven. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we need to pay attention to investigate and find some manufacturers with high ranking, such as Jinan sudiao CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. Many manufacturers are good at price war, so don’t choose inferior models for the sake of cheapness, because a series of after-sales problems may occur in the later stage, affecting the normal use of the equipment and delaying the normal production progress.