CNC router is an important equipment in the market at present. This equipment can better realize Board processing and ensure the quality of processing. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the error produced in the installation process of the cutting machine.

(Improve accuracy/Accessories are qualified/Install dial gauge)

Methods to reduce the error during the installation of cnc router:

  1. Install the rack and guide rail of the instrument assembly, tighten the screws, and check whether the error is controlled within the allowable range (generally 0.05mm). If the error is too large, loosen the screw, tighten the screw again after adjustment, and continue to monitor until it meets the standard. The whole process takes a long time, even a few days. Assembly leads to uneven rack clearance, which will directly affect the machining accuracy.
  2. Improve the machining accuracy of cnc router. The equipment adopts x-axis and y-axis helical gear rack, and the z-axis adopts ball screw, which has high precision and durability.
  3. The new big bed structure makes the bed more stable and has stronger bearing capacity.
  4. The quality of accessories must be tested, and the precision of high imitation or defective accessories will never be high.
  5. Install a dial indicator on the spindle, turn the dial indicator to adjust the verticality of the spindle and reduce the error. If the vertical error of the spindle is too large, the edge of the machining plate will collapse, which will also affect the machining accuracy.
    To sum up, in the whole installation process of the cnc router, every small detail needs attention, which will affect the machining accuracy and minimize the error as much as possible. Only in this way can we achieve better machining effect and achieve the purpose of efficient and high-precision machining.