CNC woodworking machine is an important cutting equipment in the furniture industry at present. Its processing process is very stable and the processing effect is good. Although it has many advantages, it will also have problems in use, such as the unqualified quality of the processed plates. The reasons for this problem are detailed below:

(Tool/Vacuum adsorption table/Spindle bearing speed ratio)

  1. Knife sharpness
    The cutting process of cnc woodworking machine is completed with knives. The sharpness of knives will directly affect the surface roughness of cutting plates. If the knife is not sharp, the plate is prone to edge collapse. If the condition of the knife is not good, it is suggested that the cutting speed should not be too fast.
  2. Plate
    The middle layer of cnc woodworking machine adopts high-density board and plywood, which has high strength, but it is widely used in the production of customized furniture due to low cost, production and processing and other reasons. But these two plates have the same problem. They are composed of a sense of depression, which means that they are not a whole, the adhesion is not strong enough, and the edge will collapse at the moment of cutting.
  3. Spindle bearing speed ratio
    This is due to the sharpness of the props. If the speed ratio of the main shaft bearing is not enough, the plate opened by the opener will be abnormal and edge collapse will occur. The spindle speed is higher than the adjustment, but attention should be paid to whether it should be adjusted within the range of use that endangers the tool.
  4. Adsorption force of vacuum adsorption table
    The adsorption force of the worktops of some cnc woodworking machines is not strong enough when acting on the plates, and the adsorption is not strong during production and processing, resulting in the movement of the plates, which will also cause the disqualification of the processed materials.
  5. The tool is not clamped firmly
    The tool of cnc woodworking machine is not clamped firmly, which will cause edge collapse and tool damage in the process of producing and processing plates.
    In the actual production, the unqualified performance of the processed plate quality is mainly edge collapse, which is related to the sharpness of the cnc woodworking machine tool, the spindle bearing ratio, the adsorption force of the table and the clamping degree of the tool. Therefore, if you want to maintain good processing quality, you need to pay attention to the following aspects.