6 sides cnc drilling machine and cnc side hole machine belong to drilling equipment, but their machining accuracy is very different in the actual production process. So what are the specific advantages of 6 sides drilling machine? Here is a detailed introduction for you.

(High machining accuracy/Fast production efficiency)

As a special equipment for high-end drilling, 6 sides cnc drilling machine can realize the processing of all hole positions of the top and bottom sides of the workpiece and the four sides holes at one time. It has the functions of simultaneous slotting on both sides, chamfering and special-shaped processing. It uses the same spindle for processing, and the accuracy is more guaranteed.
The 6 sides cnc drilling machine adopts double clamps with air blowing function, which can blow away the dust or sawdust on the plate to ensure the processing accuracy. The opening distance from the upper clamp piece to the lower clamp piece is 45mm, which is the clamping thickness of board.
The table surface adopts air floating double countertop, which can avoid scratching the plate and reduce the movement resistance of the plate. Table top 1 can move forward and backward, table top 2 can move up and down, and the switching is flexible. It effectively corresponds to the relevant row of drill bits, effectively supports the plate, and ensures the processing accuracy; The table top is phenolic resin board, which will not deform for a long time use.
The long clamp beam is designed with a length of 5.8 meters. When processing long plates, it can reduce the times of fixture replacement and improve the processing efficiency. The clamp beam and the bed are welded and annealed as a whole, with stable structure and no deformation. The clamp beam and bed of other manufacturers are mostly of split structure (split structure is required when double drilling bag, because the clamp beam needs to be removed before loading the container).
The daily output of 6 sides cnc drilling machine can reach more than 100 pieces, which is an important way to help furniture manufacturers improve production quality. But for side hole machine, it can only achieve side hole drilling. If you want to complete the upper and lower side punching operation, you need to use it with the cnc router, and you need to manually turn the plate, so the machining accuracy is difficult to ensure.
If you have high requirements for processing volume and precision, it is recommended to choose 6 sides cnc drilling machine, which is more guaranteed. And with the maturity and improvement of various technologies, also 6 sides cnc drilling machine occupies a decisive position in the market.