CNC router is a kind of efficient and intelligent processing equipment, which has fast processing speed and high production efficiency. It is an important equipment in the production and processing of panel furniture. Moreover, the use of this equipment doubled the production efficiency of the furniture factory, mainly due to the following points:

(High accuracy/High efficiency/One machine with multiple functions)
  1. The CNC router machine can realize multiple functions of one machine, and can quickly realize the processing effects of nesting, drilling, grooving and so on.
  2. The layout is optimized by using intelligent optimizing software , and the utilization rate of plates reaches 98%, reducing the waste of plates.
  3. One person can operate the equipment and load materials, which reduces the factory’s dependence on labor, thus reducing labor costs, helping furniture factories create greater profit margins and achieve faster processing speed.
  4. The The CNC router machine is efficient and intelligent, and improves the processing efficiency. The main reason is that in the processing process, the equipment only requires workers to do some simple turning work, and the spindle and tools can be switched automatically, so as to achieve a seamless and high-speed processing effect. It has become an important equipment in the market.
  5. CNC router has high machining accuracy. It adopts imported spindle and drilling equipment, with fast cutting speed and high precision. The TAIWAN SYNTEC control system has fast data processing speed and stable operation. The interface is simple, intuitive and easy to learn. Automatic tool setting can make the user operate the equipment more convenient and fast, and ensure the accuracy of the equipment at the same time. In addition, there are positioning cylinders: four Y axes and two X axes, forming a right angle. The positioning cylinder is adjusted by the dial indicator to ensure the positioning accuracy when turning the plate. The cylinder mounting base is made of cast iron, with shock absorption and no deformation.
    To sum up, CNC router machine has many functions, convenient operation, high processing efficiency, high precision and fast processing speed. It is a relatively reliable equipment, which can help furniture factories improve efficiency, so it is more and more popular in the market.