I believe that friends engaged in panel furniture production know that when dealing with Blockboard and MDF, full-automatic edge banding machine is often used. Many factories can not do without this equipment, which is also an important part of panel furniture production line. So do you know the reason why it has become an important component equipment? How much do you know about this? next! Let’s summarize it in detail. I hope it can help you.

1、 Function of edge banding machine

The equipment is mainly used for the processing of polymer door panel, medium density fiberboard, solid wood board, blockboard and plywood, wood edge sealing and trimming, chamfering, bonding, pressing, trimming or preliminary repair of edges and corners. After passing through the plate of the equipment, the edges and corners obtain a delicate hand feel, play the role of polishing, have greater smoothness, and increase the durability of the wood used in the furniture.

2、 Functions of equipment

Since burr or ripple marks are often left on the edges and corners of the plate after various cutting equipment, secondary processing is required to improve the accuracy and aesthetics, which requires edge banding machine. After processing, the plate fits more closely and has good aesthetics.

3、 Technological process

The pre milled plate is coated with glue and then sent to the finishing stage through the finishing process. A 0.8 mm seal can be applied, then the edge is sealed to make the finish better, and then polished to make it have better light transmittance.

4、 Parameters of equipment

Different equipment brings different parameters. The full-automatic edge banding has a thickness of 0.4mm ~ 3mm, a width of 15mm ~ 50mm, a radius of more than 20mm, a heater of 2.7 kW and a total weight of less than 300 kg.

5、 Advantages of equipment

The equipment has the advantages of small volume, simple structure and long-distance transportation. Various materials can be used for edge sealing, such as plastic, thick paper, melamine and wood finishes. The commonly used 220V voltage in China can also be 110V. The product does not leak glue, does not age, is easy to clean and has few faults in use. However, it requires routine lubrication and maintenance to achieve a longer life.

6、 Purchase of equipment

At present, there are many equipment manufacturers, but small manufacturers are often non-standard and the brand is trustworthy. Through horizontal and vertical comparison, customers can have a certain understanding of the products of different manufacturers and make important choices.

Edge banding machine is used in the field of woodworking. Any plate needs to be operated according to the normal edge banding machine process, otherwise the accuracy and aesthetics cannot meet the requirements. Many factories have such simple equipment, but the market demand is relatively small, which is mainly used by manufacturers in related fields. The equipment itself is not expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. It is the basic equipment commonly used in the field of woodworking. In recent years, some foreign advanced equipment has also been flowing into China, promoting the development of technology.

The reason why the automatic edge banding machine can become an important part of the panel furniture production line is that the above contents have been introduced to you, from which we know that the edge banding machine equipment is very stable, the edge banding speed is fast, the edge banding effect is good, and the aesthetics of furniture is greatly improved.