When it comes to panel furniture production line, in fact, this is a very general statement, which is mainly divided into two types: cabinet production line and cabinet door production line. Today, quick carving CNC will introduce these two production lines respectively.

Cabinet production line equipment mainly includes CNC cutting machine, edge banding machine and side hole machine.

1. The double spindle plus row drilling and opening machine is a cabinet material opening and drilling equipment. It has two spindles and a 5 + 4 row drilling bag. Nine drill bits can easily realize the process of drilling vertical holes in the cabinet production line, and can realize the drilling of holes at adjacent positions, which is very suitable for the processing of multiple holes in the cabinet.

2. Edge banding machine is a professional equipment for edge banding of panel furniture, mainly including semi-automatic edge banding machine and full-automatic edge banding machine. Here we recommend fast carving full-automatic linear edge banding machine, which can cut off the edge banding belt with double-sided gluing at one time. The edge banding belt has the functions of bonding and pressing, trimming, chamfering, rough trimming, fine trimming, scraping and polishing. The edge banding is fine, smooth, feels good, and the sealing line is straight and smooth.

3. Side hole machine is the equipment for side drilling of plates, including infrared side hole machine and laser scanning code side hole machine. However, with the development of science and technology, the emergence of NC hexahedral drill will gradually replace the side hole machine.

The equipment of cabinet door production line mainly includes automatic tool changing machining center, film coating machine and sanding machine.

1. The automatic tool changing machining center mainly includes disc tool changing machining center and straight row tool changing machining center. It has a tool magazine. The capacity of the tool magazine is generally 12, 16 and 20. It is suitable for the processing of multiple and complex products or various processing. It has a wide range of functions: milling, punching, cutting, engraving, etc. the automatic tool changing has high efficiency.

2. The film covering machine can cover all kinds of PVC films on the door panel materials such as cabinet, wardrobe, paint free door and indoor door.

3. The sanding machine is applicable to the rough and fine sanding, polishing and polishing of the regular surface, special-shaped surface, plane and curved surface of door panel materials. It is the main equipment for the production of special-shaped sanding of doors and windows, cabinets, wardrobe furniture and so on.